Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Manhattan Pennysaver

Advertising in New York City. Connecting with other people and staying informed. That’s the Manhattan Pennysaver!

The Manhattan Pennysaver is a trusted resource that provides the communities we serve with a great way to stay informed or to inform others! We are looking forward to building many more great business and personal relationships within the neighborhoods we serve and of course would like to continue building great partnerships with local businesses and entrepreneurs!

We are now officially part of which will give us the ability to reach many more viewers per day.

The Manhattan Pennysaver and the other Pennysavers in our network provide not only the local printed publications but a true web presence! The Pennysaver has been around for along time. And we are only getting bigger!

More then just the Pennysaver you remember from decades ago! Yes, The Pennysaver is a trusted community resource well known for the small circular you would receive weekly, and always found the latest garage sales, handyman services, and local announcements. But the Manhattan Pennysaver grew with the times. We are a full service digital marketing & web development agency.

If you are looking to advertise in Manhattan, or any borough of NYC the Manhattan Pennysaver can help!

Contact us today for questions, information or just to say hello.